Monday, July 8, 2013


I have a few minutes this morning to post, unfortunately nothing creative. 
Unless you consider trying to find a place for everything and everything in it's place.
 I love things organized, but I don't especially like doing the actual organizational part.

We emptied our Motor Home on Saturday. My goodness, that rig holds a lot! It took us almost 6 hours "shulping" it from the MH to the house, but we got it done. One of our young neighbors, Travis, came over to help. It was so nice for him to offer and we enjoyed his company.
 I was able to get some of the bedroom organized, did some wash 
and called it an end to a very long day

We attended our local church on Sunday morning, had a bite to eat at Panera's and  came home and started organizing the kitchen. It took several hours, but the job is done. YEAH me!
Today is the master bath and going through some papers. I pray the day is as productive as planned.

These are some pictures of my Studio. Looks lovely doesn't it? I also have boxes in the closet in that room, but didn't think a picture of them would be to interesting. I'm lacking organization items, a desk, and some shelving. So, until a trip to IKEA is made, not much can be done.

 We do have a scheduled trip to the IKEA in San Diego this weekend. I am very excited and hope my wish list covers everything I need (or want). The great part of this excursion,
is my husband is excited about it also. I think IKEA is really the
only store he likes to shop in. Although, I think the restaurant in the store helps!

Well, I need to get myself in gear if my day is going to be productive.

Make it a great day and stay CRAFTY!


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