Friday, April 14, 2017

Birds and This &That

Today I'll be posting just a a few picture updates. Not crafty stuff, but just things that are part of my life.

The little birds on our wreath are getting close to leaving the nest. I'll miss sing their progress from day to day.

Speaking of birds. This morning I was blessed with a male and female Goldfinch at our new feeder. We've had the House Finches and Carolina Chickadees coming for about 2 weeks,  but this was the first visit from the Goldfinches. I really need to get a better picture of the male. He's absolutely stunning. I did put up a Hummingbird Feeder, but there has not been any activity as of today.  

Speaking of "birds". Here is a recent photo of my son and his daughter who live in Maine. Her namesake is Wren after the tiny little bird. Hopefully,  we will get to see her and her brother Booker soon.
Our new little  Booker Scott born 3/17/17

I hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend. My oldest son will be cooking the Easter meal this year. He loves to cook and entertain. Hopefully, my daughter Stephanie and her family will be able to join us. Tomorrow is her due date! We are so excited to get to meet Matthew Jr. soon.

Talk to you soon.

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