Sunday, August 23, 2015

No, I haven't fled the country!

Hello all, My last post seems to have been on August 4th. YIKES! I didn't mean to be AWOL this long, but life, vacations and procrastination happens.

1. I had all intentions of doing projects ahead of time. That did not happen = procrastination

2. Busy doing other stuff, no mojo, not feeling well = life

3. Traveling to Florida for my granddaughters wedding reception ( July 9 -14), traveling to the NE (Aug. 5-18) to see our newest princess and attend my MIL 90th. birthday party/family reunion = vacation

Hopefully, this week I'll be able to get back into the my crafty rhythm. Below are some vacation photos. It was so refreshing to drive through Rhode Island, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and Upstate NY. We decided to take the byways instead of highways, which made the trip a little longer, but so enjoyable.

The weather and scenery was just beautiful. Quaint little towns, lush greenery, mountains, lakes and so much more. I have to say one of the better trips we have taken in awhile.

Wren - 2 months

My son Joel, his wife Kelly and Wren, Augusta, Maine

Augusta, Maine - Downtown/Park
Freedom Lobster co-op, Freedom, Maine. We picked up our fresh lobster right off the boat to cook for dinner!

Independence Park, Bristol, New Hampshire
Blithewold Mansion, Bristol, NH

Mom Bliss' 90 th. Birthday cake

And here is just a silly one of me. We traveled to Freeport, Maine to the home of LL Bean store. What a beautiful little town.  It actually is the original town were they have added factory stores to the older buildings. Very quaint, but crowded.

Well, I hope this hasn't bored you to tears.  I do have MORE, but thought I better stop here. Have a wonderful Sunday and please stop by this coming week. I'd love to hear from you.

Bernie Bee

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