Saturday, August 2, 2014

"Uptah Camp"

Just posting today some photos of our "Uptah Camp" reunion and Wedding pictures.

We arrived home Wednesday evening around 11:45 PM after a very long day traveling by car and plane. Thursday I emptied suitcases, did 5 loads of wash and some errands. Friday I crashed!

My oldest granddaughters, Madi an Morg
My daughter, Lauren

My daughter Stephanie, her husband Matt and Joel's future wife, Kelly
The pictures above are of our "Lobsta Feast" on Wednesday evening before we went to camp on Thursday. My son Joel and his future wife Kelly, bought 50 pounds of lobster for all of us and friends to feast on. Oh my, there is nothing better then fresh Maine lobster with drawn butter!!! Kelly's Mom also brought over BBQ ribs an delicious potato salad. Needless to say, we were stuffed...

What a blessed, fun and laughter filled time we all had at Porter Point Camps. My 7 children, their spouses and their children were all there. Twenty three of us plus some friends of my son and his new wife Kelly, although there was a larger crowd the day of the wedding. We did encounter 2 days of rain off and on, but we made the best of it.

There was lots of food, activities (4 wheeling, canoeing, fishing, swimming, skeet shooting, playing games, and cards) laughter, sitting around the camp fire, Smore making, just hanging out,napping and swatting pesky mosquitoes.

Nicatous Lake

This is the cabin we bunked in. There are 2 larger cabins that housed our children and their families. Our week was interesting with NO CELL service and NO Electricity! Gas lanterns at night were our only source of light, although we did have running water ( cold/hot), gas refrigerators an stoves. We keep the meals simple and each family was responsible to provide a meal each night we stayed. We were on our own for breakfast and lunch.

My husband Steve wanted to make everyone breakfast on Sunday morning. Pancakes, sausage, bacon, and eggs. That frying pan was 20"+ across!

My son, Matthew, designed the "Uptah Camp" logo for our shirts

The Bliss/Perkins Clan

This is, CASWELL, my sons 5 month old Nova Scotia Tolling Retriever. What a fun and energetic dog! He was a BIG hit at camp. I would love to own one, but I'm afraid this breed has a little too much energy for me to keep up with.

I fell very strongly about my family getting all together at least every year or two. Only a few of us live close, so being intentional about our time together is important to me.

We just found out, that next July we will be together for my oldest GD's wedding! We can't wait. There is also a family cruise in the works in about a year an a half.

I hope I didn't bore you with photos and chatter. I pray you all have a chance to meet up with your families sometime soon if you haven't alreay this summer.  I would love for you to leave a commernt here on my blog of the way your family stays connected. 

Have a wonderful weekend and stay CRAFTY my friends!

Hugs, Bernadette


  1. Oh, how very wonderful to have all your puppies together, Bernadette. It must have been just heavenly!

  2. Yes it was! We all had such a great time.


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