Thursday, October 10, 2013

More Boxes and Containers, Oh My!

I'm sure most of the people who follow my blog have noticed a lack of card projects.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, the truck from North Carolina arrived a week and a half ago. 
Most of our belongings are in our spare bedroom getting unpacked and sorted, AGAIN!

I have managed to open, sort and put away about half of the boxes that arrived. These days I seem to be slow and not able to multitask quite as well as I used to.  I can either unpack and organize or create.  Unfortunately creating has taken the back seat for now.  :>{

This is what remained in the room before I left for my 6 day trip to Scottsdale, Arizona. My husband returned on Sunday with a car load of "stuff" from here.  I have not seen were he has placed it, so this room could be a lot fuller then this picture shows. UGH! Of course, it could be out in the shed, which also has things to be unpacked and organized. Okay,I'm taking a deep breathe rightnow!

This was the condition my studio was in when I left. Not bad, but not conducive to getting my mojo going. I plan on getting this done by the weekend so I can get back to my much needed therapy,
CREATING with paper and ink...

 These are the only two items that were damaged in
 4 moves and then the move across country. Not bad.

I just arrived home to San Marcos last evening and I'm hoping 
to have a card project up by the weekend. 

Thank you so much for your support and understanding these past 9 months. 
Between loading our motor home, moving to California, emptying our motor home, shopping for furniture and accessories, setting up our home and my Studio, dealing with
more personal belongings from NC and now being away for almost a week.

You girls are the BEST! I hope to see you in a few days.

Make it a great day and stay CRAFTY!



  1. Hang in there Bernadette! It will all be worth it in the end! Cheering for you:-)


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