Sunday, May 19, 2013

A little about me - A Time of Transition

 Although I don't usually post on Sundays, today is an exception.

The photo above is the house we called HOME for 16 years in North Carolina.We raised 4 of our 7 children here and we were truly blessed in the community we lived in.

In October 2008 my husband Steve was laid off from a job he had been employed at for approximately 18 years. He was blessed to secure another position as a Contract Engineer for 9 months, but it was in Scottsdale, AZ. Okay, not a bad place to go. So we packed up our Motorhome, rented our home to my daughter and several of her  friends, and headed West. 

Little did we know that the Lord had other plans. Steve's job went from 9 months to almost 4 years! During the interim, we made the decision to sell our home in NC. It was a difficult one for me, but it was the right time and we sold it to a lovely young couple who LOVED our family home.

Needless to say, a husband, wife, and little dog living in a 34 foot Motorhome with NO SLIDES, you folks who own one know what I'm talking about, wasn't cutting it. Although I did manage to use every available inch of space for my crafting hobby! Who needed food? 
There were restaurants in Scottsdale, right?

A yearly event for us, was to go looking at motorhomes. We happened to go to the right place at the right time, and were able to buy a beautiful 2008 Holiday Rambler Endeavor with 4 slides. Now we could be more comfortable.

WELL, at least we thought. We did live in this beauty for 2 years. Unfortunately, AZ desert summers are not conducive to MH living. In the 105+degree days during June through August and sometimes even longer, we were struggling to keep our inside temperature below 87-90 degrees. Even with two air conditioners going and sun shades on the windows.

Well, Mama wasn't happy. So we purchased an older Mobile Home (circa 1983) in the park we were living in in July of 2010.

We did a little remodeling, kept the inside nice and cool and were settled in for at least awhile. On November 28th. 2012, we got the infamous notice the contract job my husband was on was finished and so was he.

Again, the Lord was faithful and within 2 weeks my hubby secured a full-time position, but this time in Southern California. 

What? This East Coast girl moving to "crazy" California? Didn't the Lord realize I had absolutely no desire to move or even visit California. But He prepared my heart, and I have grown to LOVE it here in these few short months.
Back into the Motorhome again...

We are now preparing to change our living quarters from here in Oceanside 
to San Marcos in approximately 2 1/2 weeks.

This is are "not so completed" manufactured home. It is progressing. The inside is complete, and the new driveway is in. There is still the awning to be attached, the skirting, shed to be built, air conditioner to be set and landscaping to be done. AND we need to move in!


Now after that is all said and done, and hopefully, your still reading this, the reason for the post. I am going to NC for 8 days to empty a 10'x20' storage unit that we have had filled for 3 1/2 years ( I have no idea what's in there, by the way) and love on my grand babies while I'm there.

After returning to California, I will need to empty my 40' motorhome into the house, clean the MH, buy furniture, make a trip to Scottsdale to bring back "stuff" and of course, make a trip to IKEA to furnish my new studio. 
Can I say, I'm doing the Happy Dance on having a designated Studio?!?!

 My posts will be a little sparse until those things are taken care of.
I am hoping to get back into full swing by the middle of June. I still love being a Independent Stampin' Up! Demonstrator and sharing my love of paper crafting.

As Arnold Schwarzenegger, the famous Californian once said,

 " I'll be back"

 I appreciate all of you who have stopped by or left words of encouragement 
on my projects. I truly hope you will continue to follow
 me as I add little tibits and projects as I get them done. I know 
I'll be having the "crafting itch" probably sooner then later.

 Thank you so much for being understanding.

As always have a wonderful week and stay CRAFTY!


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  1. So nice to read about your adventures and God's Faithfulness. May your travels be safe and your move easy and comfortable. So excited for you to move into the new home and studio. Will be watching for posts...God Bless, Bernadette and enjoy your family in NC while there:)


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