Saturday, January 5, 2013

Welcome Home!

Oh my goodness, I can't believe my last post was December 6th.! The month of December certainly was a lot busier then I had planned it intentionally.  I was able to put in my pre-order and receive the wonderful products from the Spring Catalog before the Christmas Holiday was upon me. That was a mission accomplished. Unfortunately, I have not been able to create with it. Mission unaccomplished. I had too many loose ends with putting Christmas together. My plan for the New Year, or should I say, RESOLUTION, is to be more focused and more organized. We will see how that goes!

We had an unexpected trip to NC planned for us by some of our wonderful children from the 19th. through January 4th. I loved the time just being with them and seeing our sweet grandchildren, but  WOW, 17 days away certainly is a long time to be away from my business and I didn't even bring my computer. What was I thinking?

I just returned home yesterday afternoon, and have been dealing with a "stomach bug", have not unpacked, need to have a hair cut today and do some grocery shopping. My tummy still feels yuk, but I need to try to get motivated and feeling better. Another "cinch in the armor" with all of this, is that my husband has accepted a job position in Carlsbad, CA. He will be headed out from Scottsdale tomorrow morning to start his new job on Monday. I have the awesome privilege (tongue in cheek) of packing up our mobile home so we can move back into our Motor Home by next Saturday. Does he not realize I have a business to run and besides, WERE IN THE WORLD I'M I GOING TO PUT ALL MY STAMPIN' UP!  stuff ??? Oh, I know, don't buy any groceries and use that space to stash stamps, inks, paper and such. Sounds like a plan.

All the drama and joking aside, I will make an "effort" ( you did notice I put effort in parenthesis?) to post at least 2 projects a week for the next couple of weeks. I hope you all are having a wonderful New Year and remember to STAY CRAFTY!

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