Thursday, March 26, 2015

Happy Easter / Cricut Explore Air / MOJO#390

MOJO #390
Today's card design is one that I will be using for Easter Cards for my younger grandchildren. Minus the bows for the 3 little guys. :0)

I have been laboring over this card for almost a week. I knew what images I was going to use, paper, and sketch, but just couldn't get my "mojo" in gear to put it together. I'm just as glad I didn't. 

As an early birthday gift, my husband bought me a Cricut Explore Air. I'm excited to say the least. This is the 3rd. Cricut I have owned, and I must say, WOW. The machine has come a long way since I received the Original Cricut for a Mother's Day gift years ago (maybe 8?).

There seems to be a lot of chatter on the net. Both Pro's and Con's regarding this machine. I've read through some, but have not worked with the machine enough at this point, to give my opinion. I worked with it some last night and for several hours today, just trying different weight papers and images. 

I'm still learning the in's and out's of the Cricut Design Space. I do have to say, at this point, I feel Cricut Craft Room was a little easier for me, but I'll give the new program some time.  Thankfully, there is a plethora of info and videos on the web to lessen the learning curve.

Mine was bought at Micheal's @ $30 off plus, a Lia Griffith Bundle, and a free month subscription to the Cricut Image Library. I have looked at the library, and I must say, it's huge! I can't imagine being able to use half of the content.

The picture below was another reason I didn't get this card done until today. One of my first cuts using the Explore was Create a Critter lamb. I had seen on the internet that the Explore cut cleaner then my Expression,but of course,I had to do my own test.

Even though the images look different sizes, they were not. I'm not sure why that occurred. Weird...

Can you notice the difference? I was somewhat amazed. Not a lot of difference, but the Explore image is definitely more precise. Larger, rounder eyes, more oval nose, crisper mouth, and more definition in in the leg region. So,I was back to re-cutting images for my 6 cards!

That's about it for this evening.I do hope you have a wonderful one and are able to do something CRAFTY!


*The paper,stamp,EF,button and twine are all SU products.

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