Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Trying to get back to normal...

Whatever NORMAL is! 

Hello friends. It's been quite a few weeks since I posted and today's post will be very short. I just wanted to stop and let you know I am really alive and well.

Like most of you, the Christmas holidays before and after that wonderful time of year, takes a lot of our time and energy. It seems I have been on the run since before Thanksgiving. Today I'm playing "catch up". I returned home from a 13 day stay in North Carolina and Virginia on Monday late evening. Gosh, I hate those 5+ hour flights, but had a wonderful time with my family, so it was worth the hours, not only in the air, but the layovers.

I am going to be working on New Year cards, Thank you's, and a brief newsletter, hopefully in a few days. Yes, I didn't miss type New Years cards. :} I was able to send out family Christmas cards, but did not get cards out to friends and extended family. Maybe next year I will do a better job at that. We'll see how that goes!

What are your New Year plans? I hope something safe and fun. My hubby and I will not be attending our churches New Year activities tonight which includes playing games, worship and communion to usher in the New Year. He came down with a cold the second week of December and unfortunately, it has turned into bronchitis and he has not been feeling well for 2+ weeks. He finally agreed to going to Urgent Care yesterday afternoon. That was a 3 1/2 hour ordeal, but he did get some prescriptions to help his healing along. He will be staying home the rest of the week, which is so unusual for him.  I think in the 34 years I have been married to him, he has only taken perhaps, 2 days off from work because of sickness.

Have a Blessed and Happy New Year  
and I hope you will have a chance to do something CRAFTY!



  1. Happy New Year! So glad that all is well - I have missed your posts and look forward to your Occasions and SAB creations:-). Hope your hubby feels better soon!

    1. Hi Elisha, Nice to see that you dropped by. I'll be getting my order tomorrow, so I hope to get some projects up using them soon. Have a great weekend! B


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