Friday, December 29, 2017

Our recent Travel Log

 OUR  October and November was very busy traveling. It starts when we drove to PA on October 5th to attend my brother-in-law Johns 70th. birthday, then drove back home on the 6th. After unpacking , we packed and loaded up the car to drive to Longboat Key, Fl on the October 13th. heading back home after a wonderful week on October 21th.  On our return we were able to spend time with our family to celebrate my granddaughters 4th. birthday on Sunday the 22nd.

After a few days to unwind, do wash and errands, we PACKED AGAIN, and flew out of RDU to Phoenix on October 25th. to stay at our home at Roadrunner Lake Resort. Before we left NC we made reservations at Sedona Pines Resort to use our time share exchange points.  Did I say PACK AGAIN!!! BUT in spite of having to pack again, the trip to Sodona was certainly worthwhile , not only the resort, but the scenery. It's known as Red Rock Country and certainly lives up to it's name. We did quite a bit of sightseeing while there and saw and learned so many interesting things.

We returned to Scottsdale for week and headed out November 20th. and we are both were looking forward to going home.  Thanksgiving spent with 5 our 7 children and their families to stuff ourselves and be thankful for all the Lord has provided us.

Our little place at Sedona Pines

Steve and I standing in front of the many beautiful Red Rock Mountains of Sedona.

Jerome State Historic Park, Douglas Mansion, Jerome, AZ
I'm posting just a few of the many photos I took through the weeks we traveled. If you have any questions about the places we visited, I would be happy to answer them if I can.
The duck on the pond at Roadrunner Resort

Some of the beautiful aquarium displays at Ody Sea Aquarium

Eating lunch overlooking the feeding dolphin area at Ody Sea Aquarium

Clarksdale, AZ

Montezuma Castle, Camp Verde, AZ

Have a great weekend and I hope you get to do something you LOVE!

Crafty Hugs,

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