Thursday, September 29, 2016

FALL Weekend Fun

We have had some fun, full weekends recently.  Our area of NC , Johnston County, has quite a few Fall Festivals which we were able to attend. The photos below are from the Clayton Fall Harvest and Music Festival. One of the bigger attractions on Friday was the Pig Cooking competition.  The folks who entered were lined up on the street preparing their pigs to be cooked. There were at least 15 or more who entered hoping to win. The pigs needed to be cooked by 8 am Saturday morning so they needed to be put on that evening.

Getting ready to watch some East Carolina swing dancing and some 50's dance demonstrations. 

On Saturday the same festival included local vendors, Crafts, local businesses promoting there services plus,  a huge Classic Car show. The 1966 Mustang above my favorite by the way, was just one of the many, many cars at the show. The cars were just beautiful and brought back quite a few memories of my era.

Last Saturday we attended Benson Mule Days. What an event this was. I've never seen so many Mules! There was all sorts of activities going on. Races, Rodeos, Rides, Food Booths, Crafts and more. Unfortunately, we missed the big parade.  Hopefully next year we won't. We stayed for awhile then were off to the Saint Anns International Food Festival. 

Saint Anns International Food Festival 

A Mariachi Band serenading the crowd.

Lots and lots of wonderful food and great international music and dance demonstrations.  I played it safe, as usual, and bought from the Polish and Italian booths. My hubby tried a meal from El Salvador and really enjoyed it.

This weekend, my grandsons school is have a fund raising Festival. We will be off to  attend and support his local school. More food, more games, fun. I'll  be back with a update later next week.

Now go do something CRAFTY or go to a local Festival!  But, whatever you do, ENJOY your weekend.

Hugs, Bernie Bee 

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