Monday, August 22, 2016

My New Craft Space

Good evening all. I said I would post some updated photos of my crafting space. Unlike having a whole room to call my own, I now have several different areas.  We bought a townhome that has the Master downstairs plus a Guest Bedroom.  Since my husband is working from home, I needed to relinquish the Guest Bedroom for his office. I suppose since crafting is just a hobby and doesn't pay bills, it made sense!

We do have a second floor which incorporates a 3rd.bedroom , a full bath, Bonus Room and a large walk in attic. The picture above is my work desk and chair that I bought at a yard sale for $50. This is a little alcove on the top floor over looking the two story foyer. It's very bright and light and I love the area to work in.

This Ikea piece was in my craft room in San Marcos. I'm only utilizing the top half to store inks, stamp sets, paper and some odds and ends. Since this room (17x17) will be furnished and decorated for my grandchildren, the  remainder of my supplies needed to be tucked away in the attic space.

This walk in attic is off the Bonus Room. It isn't insulated now, but will be sometime in the future. I stored my remaining items on three 3 tier metal shelves that I bought from Target.  These shelves are amazingly large and sturdy and were less the $40 each.  My husband did attached hem to the 2x4's for safty. It's not the perfect solution, but I am determined to make it work.

Room Essentials $34.99
Well I'll b signing off for the evening. I hope you had a wonderful day and did something CRAFTY!


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  1. Thanks for sharing photos of your new crafting space. It looks great! Glad you have good light - it makes all the difference:-)


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