Monday, June 22, 2015

I Left My Heart in San Francisco

AND Sonoma County...

We had a wonderful weekend trip to Petaluma, the surrounding Wine Country, and San Francisco this past weekend. Our youngest daughter and her husband met us at a cute little AirB&B in Petaluma. They flew out from NC for a college friends wedding on Saturday evening and to hang out with us. What a great little California town. We all fell in love with it's charm and friendliness.

Mike and Danielle/ Castello di Amorosa

The highlight on Saturday was a wine/tasting tour at Castello di Amorosa. What a beautiful setting and great tour guide we had. This pictures don't do the castle justice, but I only had my camerea phone and I'm not very good at using it!

Father's Day we headed to the Petrified Forest to see the biggest petrified tree and trees that were petrified by a volcano that erupted and left the giant Sequoia and other trees fossilized. In 1817  a prospector known as “Petrified Forest Charley” unearth one nad starting charging for folks to view it. This place was at my husbands request as part of his Fathers Day celebration. It was quite a interesting place, though small in size. We chose to do our own tour, but I think the guided tour would have given us more information then the brochure.

After this little excursion we headed to San Fransisco. We all were very excited to not only drive over the Golden Gate bridge, but to experience Fisherman's Wharf. The traffic was horrible and Fisherman's Wharf was extremely crowded, but we found a fairly close place to park and had a wonderful meal at a restaurant on the water. Our window faced the bay and we could see Alcatraz prison from were we sat.

photo credit/ D. Rusher

The San Fransisco Bay area is so beautiful, but I thought I would have a heart attack driving those streets! They were like a Roller Coaster! My son-in-law drove like he lived there forever and was not a tourist. I have no idea how people drive around there or park near their apartments.

Our trip sadly ended early Sunday evening, but we headed back to San Marcos with lots of wonderful memories. I hope you had a wonderful weekend and you did something with the men in your life.

Stay CRAFTY my friends!

Bernie Bee

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