Wednesday, May 20, 2015

More baby news

Well here it is day 10 of my time here in NC/VA. My trip to VA to visit my son and his family was a sweet time. It's really a blessing to see adult children and their interaction with their families.  I'm so proud of each of them.

I honestly have forgotten how much time newborns add to your day. Annabelle is a sweetheart, but is wearing her Mama out some even with my help. That sleep deprevation is not a easy adjustment. Maybe when you're in college, but not for healing and for running a household. (Steph had a c-section) But as I have told her,  this to will pass and she just needs to be patient with herself.

Some new pictures. The first one is Steph  and  Annabelle.  The cutie in the pink dress is Kate.

I'm going to lunch with a long time friend this afternoon. It's always a blessing to get together when I come into town.

Have wonderful day and some crafting for me!  😊

Bernie Bee

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