Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Trying to get back to normal...

Whatever NORMAL is! 

Hello friends. It's been quite a few weeks since I posted and today's post will be very short. I just wanted to stop and let you know I am really alive and well.

Like most of you, the Christmas holidays before and after that wonderful time of year, takes a lot of our time and energy. It seems I have been on the run since before Thanksgiving. Today I'm playing "catch up". I returned home from a 13 day stay in North Carolina and Virginia on Monday late evening. Gosh, I hate those 5+ hour flights, but had a wonderful time with my family, so it was worth the hours, not only in the air, but the layovers.

I am going to be working on New Year cards, Thank you's, and a brief newsletter, hopefully in a few days. Yes, I didn't miss type New Years cards. :} I was able to send out family Christmas cards, but did not get cards out to friends and extended family. Maybe next year I will do a better job at that. We'll see how that goes!

What are your New Year plans? I hope something safe and fun. My hubby and I will not be attending our churches New Year activities tonight which includes playing games, worship and communion to usher in the New Year. He came down with a cold the second week of December and unfortunately, it has turned into bronchitis and he has not been feeling well for 2+ weeks. He finally agreed to going to Urgent Care yesterday afternoon. That was a 3 1/2 hour ordeal, but he did get some prescriptions to help his healing along. He will be staying home the rest of the week, which is so unusual for him.  I think in the 34 years I have been married to him, he has only taken perhaps, 2 days off from work because of sickness.

Have a Blessed and Happy New Year  
and I hope you will have a chance to do something CRAFTY!


Thursday, December 4, 2014

What a Wonderful Time of the Year!

I just returned home from Scottsdale, AZ  late last night. Steve and I left the day after Thanksgiving to visit friends and take care of our little "cottage" there.  We will be renting it out again from January through March and I wanted to wash curtains, windows, dust blinds, and do some scrubbing.We also bought a couple of pieces of new furniture and I did some rearranging.

This was taken several years ago before and added landscaping.  Although we didn't add much. This little place has given me so much pleasure even though it's a 1983 Mobile Home. I enjoy it as much as my new 2013 manufactured home here in San Marcos, CA.

I love my front porch here in San Marcos

My favorite side of the house

We had a wonderful time, although Steve had to leave on Sunday afternoon to be back to work, I stayed until Wednesday early evening. What a joy to spend time with old friends. 

Do you find when you have good friends, no matter how long you've been apart, you just pick up that relational bond when you do see each other? They always make me feel special when I see them and go out of their way when I'm there. It truly was a time I needed to regroup. Thanks, Barb, John, Sue, Alan, Randy, Wendy, Linda and all the rest of you who blessed my heart while I was there. You and Road Runner Lake Resort is certainly a special place!

Might post title was chosen, because as a Christian, this time of year is so wonderful and so special. A time to lift the name of Jesus and remember how important His birth was, not only to believers, but to the world who are desperately in need of Him in their lives.  
John 3:16 NIV

  For God so loved the world that he gave his one 
and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but  but have eternal life.

 What a promise, what a Saviour!

Hopefully, I'll be back on track with posting cards and projects here within a couple of days. Stampin' Up! has a new catalog reveal and I'll be posting information about that.

Make it a great Thursday and do something CRAFTY my friends!


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