Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Update, Week 5 and Safari Park

We had a chance to go to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park yesterday. We are Zoo Members, so we can go as often as we like and I LOVE this park. It is not as large as San Diego Zoo, but the park itself, is beautiful and the exhibits are made up of natural habitats for the animals. Every time we go we see something different.

Today we were able to see the new Tiger Exhibit. What a treat. The tigers are Sumatran tigers which are getting close to extinction. What a magnificent animal!  We also rode the African Tram. It is always fun and we had a great tram host, who was not only funny, but knowledgeable.

Since I can't walk very far, we needed to rent a wheelchair. Steve did a good job navigating me around the crowds. Well somewhat... A few near misses with some active children, but no accidents. The picture below is one I took myself while I was sitting in the wheelchair. Steve thought we should have a "selfie" because he felt our children would not believe he was actually pushing me around the park. He, as you can see, is smiling and acting goofy. I couldn't really see because of the sun, hence, the "hmm" face. I don't think this will go on Instagram.

We stayed about three hours and really enjoyed our time, but when I got home I took a 2 1/2 hour nap and I didn't even walk!

I hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend and did something CRAFTY besides spent time with your families. I hope to back on here in a few days. Tomorrow is PT, so I'm not sure how much energy I'll have for a day or two.


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