Friday, May 30, 2014

Finally Done, Well almost...

Today I had a burst of energy in the morning.  Not a very frequent thing since my surgery on April 21st.

I was able to almost complete my Studio organization project. Almost meaning, the only thing I have to sort is the 2013-2014 DSP. I just need to go through and separate the full sheets from the bits and pieces. I do have some folders I will put them in to keep them handy to us on various projects through the coming months.

I'm really happy with shelves Steve put up in the closet in that room. I still have some other items I need to put in there, but they are not Craft related.

Here are some photos I took after I finished this morning. I just wish it would stay as tidy as it is now, but that's only a dream! Like most of us who craft, if it doesn't get messy, your not crafty.

I do have the sketch, colors and papers chosen to create a few cards to post either by Monday or Tuesday. I would love to get to them earlier, but I have Worship guides to stuff today and we are attending a LIFE retreat at church tonight and most of the day tomorrow. Prayerfully, my stamina will hold out.

I hope you have a wonderful and blessed weekend, AND do something CRAFTY my friends!



  1. Your new craft space is WONDERFUL! I'm still waiting for that sudden burst of energy to finish mine - lol! My craft room walls are nearly the same color - a little like Hello Honey:-). Hope you have a great weekend and I can't wait to see what your creative juices produce!

    1. Thanks Elisha. It always feels great to get things organized. I hope you can get yours done. The weekend was great and hopefully tomorrow will be a crafting day.

  2. Miss B- oh, how I have missed seeing your beautiful cards. Wonderful to see your lovely space- contemplating some new furniture pieces- the white is just so crisp and clean. It is giving me some ideas...Hope your busy weekend was not too much and your energy held out, dear:)

    1. Hi Cindy, First, thank you so much for the card. What a sweet surprise! Unfortunately, the weekend "knocked the stuffing " out of me. Yesterday was church in the morning, but I did come home and rest some, but not enough to recharge. I'm hoping to get at least one card made today and up on my blog today or tomorrow. Thanks for checking on me. B


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