Friday, May 30, 2014

Finally Done, Well almost...

Today I had a burst of energy in the morning.  Not a very frequent thing since my surgery on April 21st.

I was able to almost complete my Studio organization project. Almost meaning, the only thing I have to sort is the 2013-2014 DSP. I just need to go through and separate the full sheets from the bits and pieces. I do have some folders I will put them in to keep them handy to us on various projects through the coming months.

I'm really happy with shelves Steve put up in the closet in that room. I still have some other items I need to put in there, but they are not Craft related.

Here are some photos I took after I finished this morning. I just wish it would stay as tidy as it is now, but that's only a dream! Like most of us who craft, if it doesn't get messy, your not crafty.

I do have the sketch, colors and papers chosen to create a few cards to post either by Monday or Tuesday. I would love to get to them earlier, but I have Worship guides to stuff today and we are attending a LIFE retreat at church tonight and most of the day tomorrow. Prayerfully, my stamina will hold out.

I hope you have a wonderful and blessed weekend, AND do something CRAFTY my friends!


Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Update, Week 5 and Safari Park

We had a chance to go to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park yesterday. We are Zoo Members, so we can go as often as we like and I LOVE this park. It is not as large as San Diego Zoo, but the park itself, is beautiful and the exhibits are made up of natural habitats for the animals. Every time we go we see something different.

Today we were able to see the new Tiger Exhibit. What a treat. The tigers are Sumatran tigers which are getting close to extinction. What a magnificent animal!  We also rode the African Tram. It is always fun and we had a great tram host, who was not only funny, but knowledgeable.

Since I can't walk very far, we needed to rent a wheelchair. Steve did a good job navigating me around the crowds. Well somewhat... A few near misses with some active children, but no accidents. The picture below is one I took myself while I was sitting in the wheelchair. Steve thought we should have a "selfie" because he felt our children would not believe he was actually pushing me around the park. He, as you can see, is smiling and acting goofy. I couldn't really see because of the sun, hence, the "hmm" face. I don't think this will go on Instagram.

We stayed about three hours and really enjoyed our time, but when I got home I took a 2 1/2 hour nap and I didn't even walk!

I hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend and did something CRAFTY besides spent time with your families. I hope to back on here in a few days. Tomorrow is PT, so I'm not sure how much energy I'll have for a day or two.


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Update, Week 4

Here it is another week and NO projects.  I am feeling a little stronger and I'm on less medication, so that's a plus.

I still have all these beautiful new products scattered on my desk. Well, I did straighten them a little so you can see them better. :)

I have been trying to purge, sort, and organize also.  Not such a good thing to be doing when I really should be creatingOf course, that has been going real, real slow also.

My wonderful husband installed some shelving in my Studio B closet over the weekend.  I want to put my retired stamps and papers, my Catalogs and Stampin' Success magazines along with other miscellaneous craft supplies in there. I had most of the supplies stacked laying on the floor  in plastic containers, which was inconvenient and a total waste of useable space.

I really like things neat and organized before I craft. Clutter just causes me to "shut down". Of course, this surgery has shut me down pretty much.  I sure can tell I'm 69 not 39 anymore! Healing takes a little more time and I find my energy level is not what I would like it to be. Everyone tells me just to rest when I need to and heal. On the bright side, I've gotten to read 4 books which have been on my Kindle for a long time. I wouldn't normally take the time to read that many in such a short time, but that's what I have a lot of right now.

Have a wonderful Tuesday and do something CRAFTY, unlike me!


Thursday, May 15, 2014

Brush Fires, Oh! my

Yesterday, was to say the least, an interesting day here in S. CA. Carlsbad and San Marcos in particular.

When we moved to this area  of the country, I was expecting only to be concerned about earthquakes. Well, I found out yesterday FIRES are another thing I need to expect.

Both photos were taken from my front porch here in San Marcos. The bottom one is towards the West facing Carlsbad and was taken about 11 am yesterday morning. There devastation, in quite a few areas, is sad to see. The top one was around 6 or 7 pm facing East here in San Marcos were we live. It is behind the campus of Cal State San Marcos. White smoke can still be seen this morning. Although, I'm not sure if they have it totally contained, but prayerfully so.

Thankfully, we did not need to be evacuated. The wind shifted so the fire ran across the ridge of the hill instead of coming down and over the valley.The fire and emergency personal have worked tirelessly and need to be applauded for their efforts to keep homes and the citizens of San Marcos and Carlsbad safe. There were some homes lost, but far fewer then there could have been. To say the least, it was an interesting and sometimes stressful day. Today the wind has lessened, but we might get into the 3 digit numbers temperature wise. That, with very little humidity, is usually not a good scenario. Hopefully, we will not see another day like yesterday.

On a cheery note, I received my second box from SU with more goodies. Sad note, none of it has been put to creative use. I'm still recuperating from surgery and my energy and creative level is still not cooperating! I have these beautiful NEW products scattered on my desk calling my name, but it's like I'm not "hearing" them.  Oh well, I can only do what I can do. 

I trust in a few more days I will get my MOJO back, but until then you will have to put up with not so interesting updated posts. 

Have a wonderful Thursday and stay CRAFTY my friends!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Cover Sneak Peek!

I know I'm a little late posting this compared to other demos, but like they say, "Better Late then Never".

The cover of the new Stampin' Up! 2014-2015 Catalog.  That's all I can show you, but oh my, you are going to love all the goodness inside. Sorry, it's contents can't be revealed until June 2nd. :{

So many beautiful papers, stamps, Becky Higgins Project Life that coordinates with SU colors, Blendabilities, the new alcohol markers and the list goes on and on.

If you look closely, you can see some of the new goodies on the cover.

I will be getting my order on Wednesday, so hopefully by the weekend I'll be able to give you some sneak peeksStay tuned and check back.

Have a wonderful Tuesday and do something CRAFTY!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Monday Post

I'm still in the recuperation mode.  I was hoping to get into my studio sometime this past week, but between the drugs and not much "bend" in my new knee, it has been difficult. Hopefully this week.

I'm anxiously awaiting my order from Stampin' Up! to come. Boy, do I love to see that big brown truck pull up in front of my house! Once I have some of the new products in my hands, I'll be posting samples.

My youngest daughter, Danielle, has been here since last Wednesday, but leaves out early tomorrow.  I have enjoyed having her around so much and she has been such a big help, not only to me, but her Dad. A real servants heart.

I recently was going over my Pinterest account.  I was curious on how many pins I had gotten on the projects I pinned. Since I have no new projects to post today, I thought I would post cards that have been pinned the most. At least it would give you something to look at!

The Mosaic Madness card has gotten the most repins at this writing and was a card I took a chance on posting here on my blog. I'm glad I did.

That's about it for today. I hope you make your Monday great and get to something CRAFTY!


Thursday, May 1, 2014

Healing and Excitement

I'm just sitting here this evening watching a hockey game and thought I should give a little update.

My recover is moving along nicely. I've already had three physical therapy sessions and they feel I have progressed quickly. I'm very close to having 90 degree movement, although, I have about 3 more weeks or more of therapy. My friend Vicky from NC called today and told me that my tap shoes are ready and waiting for me! 

My sweet younger daughter, Danielle, came in today from NC to spend a few days helping me and her Dad. It was like a sweet kiss from the Lord himself. I found in times like this, it's hard being so far away from family. 

I mentioned in the title, Excitement. Today as a SU demonstrator I get to get a peek at the new 2014-2015 Catalog and pre order. One of the nice perks of many signing on as a demo. By some of the buzz that's been going around, it's a great one. I hope I can get some things together to give you some "sneak peeks".

Have a wonderful day and stay CRAFTY my friends!



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