Thursday, February 28, 2013

T.N.T. Thursday

Today I am putting up a fairly simple T.N.T. Thursday tutorial. Making a paper flower using card stock. Although it may be simple, it will give you a WOW factor on a card, 3-D project, or your scrapbook pages. 

 Here are the tools you will need.

 I used Baja Breeze for my flower, but the great thing about making your own flowers, is the ability to coordinate your 
flowers with your projects.

1. Cut 5 petals from the CS using the Blossoms punch

 2. After you have punched your petals, take a SU spritzer filled with water and gently spray each petal until it is wet. This is an important step. The flowers need to be wet enough to have the right texture when finished and stay shaped.

 3. Take each petal and pierce a hole in the center of each one.

 4. Layer the flowers. I staggered mine, but it's not necessary. Attach them together with a small brad.

5. Now the fun part. Take the wet flower and "scrunch" each petal being careful not to tear the CS. 
Then scrunch the entire unit together.

Shape the flower. It can be as tight or loose as you desire

Now allow the wet flower to dry completely before adding it to your project. 
As the flower dries it will stiffen up and hold its shape. 

And here is what your finished flower will look like.

Have fun making these. Why not try making a CS Floral bouquet. Just make each flower using different colored card stock and attach them to pipe cleaners with a hot glue gun. 
Put them in a vase and enjoy.


Thanks for stopping by and have a CRAFTY week!

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  1. Great tutorial, Bernadette! I saw these a while back and thought I would remember how to make them and of course, forgot. Thanks for sharing!


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